• Toric for Astigmatism: Find your Toric lens with comfort and quality

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DCP (Double Coating Printing)Oxygen Permeability

Our Contact Lenses are manufactured by DCP(Double Coating Printing) method that prints pigment between lens materials and keeps pigment from touching eyeball, and it is not decolored and makes even surface of lens that doesn’t put a strain on the eye.

Our Contact Lenses provide moist wear sensation all day long through oxygen transmission of circline located in between lens materials.




Toric Contact Lenses


·Back Toric design and prism ballast design for perfect vision correction.
·Full range of spherical power, cylinder power and axis.
·Rapid and accurate oricentation on the eyes.
·Easy oxygen transfer to the Comea.
·Round-shaped & Much thinner edge than the others.