Chiffon Brown Toric Contact Lens for Astigmatism


【Product Features】
A long-awaited two-color color control appeared in the popular Wink Brown Toric Contact Lens! Bright brown matches the border of the dark brown, which is close to the color of the eyes of the oriental people, and makes the eyes look brighter.

Even a person who was a little uneasy at Dari Brown can use it with confidence because the frame of eyes is small.

【Recommended for you】

“For adult women dekilled, not just sweet but caramel brownies suits.”
It is a caramel like a caramel brownie that matches the sweetness of caramel and the bitterness of dark chocolate!

The natural glossy feel makes me feel calm and adult femininity so it will not get in the way of the business scene.
Even if a meeting or a date is suddenly entered on the way home from work, the eyelashes of the shirt will produce a sweet cuteness, so you can go straight without a panic, it is a clever greedy lens.

* Attention !! The indicated price is the price of one sheet.
This lens is limited to -12.00. ”

“About BC change it may take 10 to 2 weeks.In case of hurry please contact us in advance.

※ It is closed on weekends and Korean holidays, Chinese new year (February), autumn evening (September).

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SKU: nvdle23t
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Brand:Neo Vision
Life Span:365
water Contents:42%


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All contact lenses which distribute are authorized by KFDA(Korea Food and Drug Administration), however, all products must be used and treated properly, or otherwise may cause damage to your eyes. In order to use color contact lenses safely and comfortably, please receive an optical check up at your ophthalmologist before use, and follow all given instructions.

Toric lenses are strictly order made to your prescription, and takes about three weeks to manufacturer. When you order toric lenses, please make sure you have read this notification and understood the terms and conditions.

Because all the Toric lenses are order made to your prescription, Toric prescriptions are hand written by the manufacturer on the cap. For Neo Vision toric lenses, the bottle sticker’s default is AXIS 180, but if your AXIS is not 180, it will be hand written on the cap.