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No Image Item / Review Writer Date ★★★★★
Chiffon Violet Contact Lenses
Colleen 2017-09-02 ★★★★★
I have dark blue eyes and these lenses look like a dark plum color on me. The purple is more evident in the sun, but they are still very sultry and pretty. Give them some time to soak for a comfortable fit!
Simple Black Toric Contact Lens for Astigmatism
Very nice!
Turtle 2017-08-02 ★★★★★
First try-on fit very nicely and feels great! I like the hand-written note on the receipt in crayon, haha!
Ahene 3 Color Gray Toric Contact Lens for Astigmatism (3 Tone Gray)
Really pretty and insanely comfortable
Audrey 2017-04-16 ★★★★★

My eyes weren't dry even after 8 hours of usage and the color payoff was really pretty and natural, even for dark brown eyes such as mine. There wasn't a very big enlargement effect on the eyes but the lenses still made my eyes look bigger. Efficient shipping and delivery from ohmylens as per usual. I've bought almost all my lenses from ohmylens and they sell it for cheaper with great service here.
Miuu Brown Toric Contact Lens for Astigmatism
디디 2017-01-28 ★★★★★
I ordered this I think two years ago and didn't open it til almost a year ago. The expiration is three years unopened. So I finally opened them last year and have worn it 10 hours a day five days a week because of work and driving. Let me tell you these are great. I can't feel them when they're in and they look absolutely natural. After about eight hours I needed to put in rewetting eye drops, but not many people work ten hours a day like me so it'll do just fine for those who need to wear them for a shorter amount of time.
Brown Spark Toric Contact Lens for Astigmatism
Great contacts
Rhea22 2017-01-25 ★★★★★
The color looks really pretty and makes my eyes look naturally larger. Also very comfortable!
Ahene 3 Color Green Toric Contact Lens for Astigmatism (3 Tone Green)
Don't like these much
Rhea22 2017-01-25 ★★
These lenses look a little too fake and keep shifting in my eyes after wearing them for more than an hour.
Chiffon Gray Contact Lenses
Look Wonderful even over darker eyes
blue angel 2016-11-08 ★★★★★
I'm very satisfied with my purchase! They look very good in pictures too, and really make your eyes look bigger. (Eye color originally hazel/brown)
Rym Black Contact Lenses
perfect for kawaii anime girl! C:::
infinity 2016-11-07 ★★★★★
perfect for kawaii anime girl! C:::
Glory Brown Contact Lenses for Farshightedness / Hyperopia
comfortable and elegant
Surbhi 2016-11-05 ★★★★★
They make your eyes look radiant not too big just perfect. Natural
Ahene 3 Color Gray Toric Contact Lens for Astigmatism (3 Tone Gray)
Very pretty but just a tad uncomfortable.
Sarah 2016-10-29 ★★★★
I could not wear these for over 4 hours even after soaking, but they are very pretty and blend will into my eye color.

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